Las mujeres y los jóvenes, prioridad para Orlando Carranza, candidato a la

La Libertad February 19, 2021

A ten days of the election to the Legislature, Orlando Carranza presents its proposals for the department of La Libertad.

The candidate, in addition to employment , wants to improve the conditions of protection for women , the laws, and favor them with different tools to facilitate their complaints or other judicial processes.

Thus, they will not see the need to move from one municipality to another in order to carry it out, as well as increasing the reporting time.

Well, currently you only have 24 hours to broadcast it; once said requirement is imposed, immediately suspend any type of contact with the aggressor ”.

On the other hand, for Orlando, strengthening the resilience of young people in sports is of vital importance.

“Juvenile delinquency goes hand in hand with the lack of job expectations and the abandonment of basic education, making this sector a vulnerable population .

It is committed to improving the infrastructure of sports , to provide the strengthening of their skills and generate positive participation , thus, crime can be replaced by sports.

The teen pregnancy in La Libertad, is a challenge for the candidate, for several years, the rights of children and adolescents who are in a state of pregnancy are affected by the educational absenteeism or dropouts.

Education should be implemented as a first measure to avoid them and, on the other hand, guarantee the adolescent who is already a mother, the continuation of her training in a public school in La Libertad without feeling socially excluded.

Pregnant girls and adolescents have every right to continue with their academic and social life and thus, in parallel, to reach a job placement in the future , so that they can contribute to society and lower the poverty rates that affect so much to the sector.

For more information, visit the Orlando Carraza website or contact .  

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